5 Ways To Winterize Your Car

With the winter months quickly approaching, ensuring your car is ready for winter weather is key to preventing unexpected breakdowns. Max CarBiz, a Waco, Texas auto dealership, has put together 5 tips to help you winterize your car.

5 Ways To Winterize Your Car
5 Ways To Winterize Your Car

Check Tire Condition/Pressure

When the temperatures drop, so does your tire pressure. The colder weather means that air becomes denser, lowering the PSI of your tires. Check your tire pressures constantly throughout the winter to ensure they are at the proper rating. You will also want to check the condition of your tires as bald or severely worn tires can equal poor traction when roads start to ice over.

Check Your Wiper Blades

With rain, sleet, and snow approaching, having a good set of wiper blades can literally be a lifesaver. The constant change of temperatures can cause wiper blades to wear quicker so it is good to check them before, during, and after the winter months.

Make An Emergency Kit

Keeping an emergency kit with a blanket, water, self-activated heating items, and jumper cables can ensure you are prepared in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

Check Heater/Defrost Function

Check the function of your heater and defrost a few months prior to temperatures dropping. If these do not work, you will want to have them prepared before you actually need them.

Keep Your Tank Half Full

Lastly, keeping your tank half full at all times will help to prevent a breakdown due to running out of gas. During the winter months, you may have to drive slower, take alternate routes, or be stuck in traffic more often. Running out of gas in the winter can be dangerous, so keep those tanks full!

Get A Winter-Ready Car At Max CarBiz

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