3 Ways To Avoid A Dead Car Battery

A dead car battery is one of the most inconvenient problems when owning a car. Your car battery can slowly go out over time, but many times, it will die overnight. While this doesn't mean the battery needs to be replaced, it will need to be jump-started.

Max CarBiz - 3 Ways To Avoid A Dead Car Battery
Max CarBiz - 3 Ways To Avoid A Dead Car Battery

When the temperature drops, you can expect your battery to lose around 35%-60% of its strength, depending on location. Here at Max CarBiz, a leading Waco, Texas used car dealership, we have put together our top 3 tips to help you avoid a dead car battery and keep your car running as it should.

Disconnect Your Battery

When you plan on leaving your vehicle sitting for more than a couple of days, consider disconnecting your battery. You can do this by simply disconnecting the negative battery cable. If you are in an area where the vehicle will be exposed to extreme temperatures, you can remove your battery and store it in a warmer place such as a garage or basement. Alternatively, you can use a battery blanket or a battery warmer to keep it warm.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Over the years, your battery terminals can become covered in corrosion, dirt, and grime. This can create a barrier between the terminal and the cables, causing a poor connection. This poor connection will prevent your battery from getting charged by the alternator and will not allow your accessories to receive power from the battery.

Watch For Battery-Draining Accessories

Lastly, watch for accessories that might be draining your battery when it is not in use. Electronics that are plugged into your cigarette lighter or power access points can slowly drain your battery. Some items such as a radar detector, cell phone charger, and tablet chargers might not pull enough amperage to drain a battery. Make sure you turn your lights off and ensure all doors are closed to prevent your lights from draining your battery when the car is off.